The CashClock App

TIME IS MONEY (Benjamin Franklin)



Have you sometimes asked yourself on one of those endless meetings, how much money is actually wasted so? Well, this app cannot prevent such meetings, but at least it can give you (and other participants) an overview about the actual costs of this meeting. Simply type in the number of participants and the average rate per hour, start the clock and watch the consumed money on the display.

Perhaps it will tune up your meeting if the participants see the cash clock running...

Have fun with this app on your next meeting!

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Average Labor Costs

The input field "€ costs / h" is for the average labor costs. But how to get it if you don't know it for your company? As a rough approximation you can use the eurostat statistic of the European Commission or the International Comparisons of Hourly Compensation Costs in Manufactoring, 2011 of the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Norway: $64.15
Australia: $46.29
Ireland: $39,83
Canada: $36.56
United States: $35.53
United Kingdom: $30.77
New Zealand: $23.38

There is a wide range of costs from $2.01 (Philippines) to $64.15 (Norway).

last change: 26-May-2018